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Turkish eggs 24,000
organic spinach with dill & spring onions | feta chunks | 2 poached /fried eggs| organic thick greek yoghurt | chili butter| herbed flatbread

Salmon scramble 35,000
scrambled eggs | smoked salmon | cherry tomatoes | cottage cheese | chives | toasted croissant

The breakfast stack 24,000
sweetcorn fritters | creamy scrambled eggs| crisp streaky bacon | pan roasted cherry tomatoes | toast

The lawns club sandwich 29,000
tandoori chicken| lettuce| tomato| avocado| curried mayo

Schnitzel sandwich 26,000
pork schnitzel | crusty baguette | citrusy smashed avocado | red onion salsa | cilantro

“el bulli“ 26,000
pulled kleftiko lamb| dressed rocket | tzatziki | mini falafels | grilled aubergine| pita pocket

picnic wrap 23,000
grilled aubergine | fire roasted peppers | fried zucchini ribbons. all wrapped up in a homemade uber flatbread

Chicken tikka wrap 26,000
chicken tikka | medley of vegetables | tikka sauce in a homemade wrap

Steak sandwich 28,000
saucy sliced beef | peppercorn sauce | fried onions | on baguette

Stuffed naan 20,000
light & crispy stuffed naan. served with guacamole & a side green salad fillings | cheese | cheese & bacon | cheese & onion| spinach & feta

chopped house salad 24,000
organic haas avocado| cabbage slaw| julienned tomatoes| red onion| coriander | toasted cashews | sesame seeds| house dressing: yoghurt & mint optional: grilled pork OR beef OR chicken – add 6,000

Steak salad 31,000
120gr beef medallions | creamy danish style feta | cherry tomatoes | cucumber ribbons | boiled egg | extra virgin olive oil & lemon emulsion

Greek village salad 23,000
vine ripened tomatoes| crunchy cucumber| green pepper strips | kalamata olives | uber slice of fried feta | sweet sliced onions | perfect boiled egg | cold pressed olive oil

Smoked crocodile salad 34,000
mixed chopped lettuce| peppery rocket| brunoised tomato & cucumber | shavings of smoked crocodile | honey mustard dressing

Our signature ceasar salad 28,000
gem lettuce| ceasar dressing| croutons| grilled chicken | parmesan shavings| anchovy optional


Vegetarian soup 12,000

Non vegetarian soup 15,000

Oodles of noodles…

vegetable ginger noodle (v) 24,000
egg noodle|ginger & herbs | mixed vegetables
mediterranean vegetable (v) 26,000
penne| grilled vegetable| napoletana sauce

Creamy chicken & pesto 28,000
creamy pesto sauce| crumbled feta | grilled chicken strips – optional

Ragu of beef 28,000
slow cooked beef | sundried tomato | dollop of crème fraiche

Tandoori lamb 32,000
yoghurt marinated lamb patty| crunchy slaw| fried onions| yoghurt & mint sauce

Texas bbq beef 34,000
pure beef burger patty| guacamole| tomato| gherkins| streaky bacon (optional)

Flame grilled chicken burger 32,000
flame grilled chicken breast| rocket| aioli

Falafel burger 28,000
grilled aubergine | tzatziki| rocket| tahini sauce

ostrich burger 36,000
karoo ostrich meat patty| grilled onions| tomato| lettuce

Cajun spiced fish burger 34,000
cajun spiced fish fillet | tartare sauce| shredded lettuce


Sriracha pork chops 40,000
asian marinated pork | crunchy asian slaw | potato wedges | sticky glaze sauce

Grilled chicken breast 38,000
char grilled | seasonal vegetables | choice of potato sauces: classic | sticky | BBQ | harissa sauce

Tilapia fish fillet 35,000
grilled fish fillet | timbale of basmati rice | lemon butter sauce

Beef steak 38,000
250gr tender filet prepared to your liking | creamed spinach | french fries| pepper sauce

Game meat platter 66,000
a selection of four game meats| potato wedges| seasonal veg | red wine jus & peppercorn sauce


Chicken tikka masala 38,000
served with naan, rice and salad

Daal makhani 32,000
served with naan OR rice & salad

Samaki wa nyazi 38,000
served with naan, rice and salad

Vijay’s lamb chop curry 38,000
served with naan, rice and salad

Corn & mushroom masala 32,000
served with naan, rice and salad

vegetable kofta curry 32,000
mix vegetable balls in mild kofta curry | basmati rice | naan | salad

Tandoori veg platter (to share) 38,000
served with salad