Classic Cocktails

martini cocktail (dry) 
gin, dry vermouth, olive

tequila sunrise 
tequila, orange juice, grenadine syrup

manhattan dry 
dry vermouth, angostura bitters

long island iced tea
gin, tequila, vodka, rum, triple sec, lemon juice, coca-cola

classic mojito 
rum, mint, lemon chunks, lemon juice, brown sugar, soda water

tequila, lemon juice, triple sec

pina colada 
white rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice

vodka. lemon juice, cointreau, cranberry juice

screw driver 
vodka, orange juice

strawberry diaquiri 
white rum, strawberries, dash of lime and grenadine

Signature Cocktails

vodka, amaretto, orange juice

italian job 
vodka, grenadine, lemon juice, sugar syrup

8th sin
bacardi rum, triple sec, cranberry juice, strawberry syrup, tabasco

ale ginger shock 
scotch whisky, watermelon chunks, lemon juice, ginger juice, stoney


shirley temple 
ginger ale, grenadine, cherry

cucumber punch
cucumber, lemonade

three two tango 
passion, cranberry, orange, lemon juice

sundown @ the lawns 
fresh strawberries, strawberry syrup, tabasco, soda water, lemon juice

Soft Drinks
all sodas 
coke zero
water small 
premium big water 
sparkling water 

local beer 
imported beer

Energy drinks
red bull 


smoothies & juices

breakfast smoothie
coffee, peanut butter, coconut milk, banana, honey

tropical smoothie 
banana, mango, papaya, milk and honey

oreo cookie smoothie 
low fat milk, vanilla ice cream, banana, oreo cookies

mango delish smoothie 
mango juice, yoghurt, drizzle of honey
fresh pressed juice
pineapple, passion fruit, watermelon, cocktail, vegetable juice

martini bianco 
martini rosso 

Scotch Whisky
johnnie walker gold label 
johnnie walker platinum label 
johnnie walker blue label 
johnnie walker black label
johnnie walker red label
johnnie walker double black
j&b rare
chivas regal 12 yrs

jameson irish
canadian club
jack daniels tennessee 
jim beam

Malt whiskey
glenfiddich 12 years
glenfiddich 15 years 

bombay sapphire 
gordon’s london dry gin 
gilbey’s special dry gin 
beefeater london dry gin 
tanquery london dry gin 
uganda waragi 

absolut blue 
smirnoff red vodka 
grey goose

bacardi superior 
captain morgan spiced

hennessy vsop 
courvoisier vsop 
remy martin vsop 
martel vs 

amaretto disaronno 
bailey’s irish cream
grand marnier 
tia maria 
southern comfort 
malibu coconut rum liqueur 

olmeca silver 
olmeca gold 

House Wine
By Glass
white wine dry 
white wine sweet 
red wine dry 
red wine sweet 
rose wine

red wine
white wine
rose wine

white wine dry
white wine sweet
red wine dry
red wine sweet
rose wine


champagne & sparkling wine

Moet & Chandon
6oGolden straw yellow with green highlights. The freshness of mineral nuances and white flowers. the elegance of blond note(brioche, cereal, fresh nuts)


gh mumm
clean and subtle on the nose. Fresh, elegant and balance d with a long, crazy finish


pongracz methode cap classique, south africa
An elegant and distinctive methode cap classique. It imparts a wonderful foamy mouthful of black fruit flavours with a long lingering aftertaste

pongracs rose, South Africa
Delicate yeasty tones, layered with toast and ripe fruit are enlivened by a firm mousse and persistent bead that make it particularly attractive
It imparts a wonderful foamy mouthful of black berry fruit flavours with lingering brut aftertaste.

zonin prosecco cute 1821, italy
Attractively intense; very fruity and romantic. Very well-balanced and appealing, with the extremely delicate almond note that is typical of Glera grapes

White Wine (By Bottle)

kwv chardonnay, south Africa 
Crisp and refreshing features are perfectly balanced with the subtle creaminess and ends with lingering finish

sauvignon blanc

neethingsof sauvignon blanc, South Africa
tropical fruit and green figs are backed by a hint of green pepper asparagus and grass. Crisp and refreshing with prominent tropical fruit and green fig flavours that linger long after the last sip

zonnebloem sauvignon blanc, south Africa 
beautifully combining the fresh grassy and tropical fruit flavors with expressive green fig flavor, which follow on the palate

fish hoek sauvignon blanc, south africa 
a twist of fresh lime combines with green fig and gooseberry. a delicious wine with a lingering finish


pinot grigio

zonin pinot grigio delle venezie, italy 
delicately fruity, relatively full and refined. Lightly dry and extremely fresh

nederburg lyric, South Africa
Crisp and refreshing with aromas of passion fruit and citrus, and hints of freshly-cut grass

nederburg winemaster reserve special late harvest, South Africa
a Profusion of honey, flowers, pineapple, apricot and rain, tamed by a vibrant acidity


Red Wines (By Bottle)


cabernet sauvignon

nederburg winemasters reserve cabernet sauvignon, south africa 
Full- bodied rich wine with ripe berry fruit, delicate oak spices, firm tannins and lingering finish

durban Ville hills cabernet sauvignon, South Africa
an elegant, full bodied wine with sweet berry fruits on the palate, balanced by by grippy tannins and exceptional wood structure

quereu cabernet Sauvignon, chilie
intense ruby red color. the nose shows pleasant notes of cherries, blackcurrants and strawberries



neethlingsof malbec, south africa 
Ripe plum and vanilla with a hint of dark chocolate is forthcoming with a rich and full palate


fish hoek merlot, south africa 
smooth dry red wine, with distinctive plum and dark chocolate flavor

nederburg winemasters reserve merlot,south africa
medium bodied and silky textured with subtle notes of strawberries, blackcurrants and vanilla



zonnebloem pinotage, south africa 
the palate is rich, with red berry flavor providing some nice fruit sweetness

kwv pinotage, south africa 
black cherries, plums and stewed fruit. the palate is seductively soft and beguiling with a long and gentle finish

neethlingsof pinotage, soth africa
Ruby red with purple edges medium-bodied teeming with berry flavours and a good tannic backbone



fish hoek shiraz, South Africa
ripe, juicy red with exciting vanilla and  black pepper on the nose follows through for a perfect long finish of optimum fruit and beautifully integrated wood tannin


rose wines

nederburg foundation rose, south africa 
delicate, fragrant and fruity touches of ripe berry succulence and spice

b&g rose d’anjou
fine and elegant nose with ripe red berries aromas and hint of black pepper. enjoyable wine, fruit diven, with overtones of sweet red fruits and spices


red grape blends

nederburg ingenity red, south africa 
Ripe plum and vanilla with a hint of dark chocolate is forthcoming with a rich and full palate

il vino degli dei amarone DOCG, Italy
Limpid, intense, ruby red with garnet tinges. dry, warm, velvety, intense and full bodied, with spicy note and light tobacco scen

Hot Drinks
hot chocolate 
english coffee
black tea 
african/indian tea 

Iced Drinks
cold chocolate 
cold chocolate with ice cream 
iced cappuccino 
iced coffee
iced coffee with ice cream 
iced mocha 
iced tea

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